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Brook Universal Fighting Board (UFB) pin pre-added


Quick postage
Great product

Just amazing

This is one of the best and most convenient switch accessories with some of the fastest delivery. The case has many features + a hard shell and the grip case makes the experience of playing so much better. Its made from high quality materials and also the shape of the grip makes me not have hand cramps

Farshad Mokhtarian zavareh

Perfect 👍

Charge & Play 3M USB Cable for PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller

Works great thanks

Fast delivery

Fast delivery so ggod

good stuff, physio approved

way more comfortable to hold, no more cramping fingers/hands/arms, they sit well on the console and don't fall off or slide out

only issue I've encountered is the case makes the power and volume buttons a little harder to press, but that's a super minor complaint, the comfort of the grips definitely outweighs the mild annoyance of the buttons

definitely recommend, especially if your switch has been giving you muscle cramps, five stars from me and my physiotherapist

No problems.

Grip is the same size as the white i am replacing. Feels strong and no issues.

GripCase Lite is absolutely fantastic. Buy the case too.

The Skull & Co GripCase Lite is the perfect accessory for the Nintendo Switch lite. It makes the unit so much more comfortable to hold. The ergonomics of the case are perfect. It genuinely feels like this is how Nintendo should have released the Switch lite themselves. This product solves the hand fatigue issues encountered when using the Switch lite as supplied by the factory.
There are 3 grip styles to choose from for different hand sizes. You can even mix and match different styles between left hand and right hand. I found the standard teardrop shape to be the perfect size for adult male hands. The case protects the unit well but still allows for access to all ports and panels.
I recommend purchasing the bundle that also includes the Skull & Co Maxcarry lite case as well. This way you won't have to remove the rear handles to store the Switch lite in a case.
An innovative and useful product that is highly recommended.

Exactly what I was looking for.

Needed to find something to use my PS3 Hori RAP 3 Premium VLX with PS4 games on PS5. While the documentation and Brooks support weren’t able to confirm that this stick would work, it has worked perfectly for me. Simply plug & play once you update the firmware via PC with the software available on their website. Unfortunately does not work for native PS5 games however - but neither does any other controller converter currently anyway.


Well made and designed. Sturdy case and grips. Great value and fast deliver

Great case

Great case for the switch.

Best case for the hand grips.

Fits in the white handgrips attached to the switch. Perfect case for it.

Love it

High Quality, deliver very fast

My order

2nd experience ordering from Gamory and with both times being quick, correct and well packed I can see myself ordering more in the future. Thanks y'all!

Best switch accessory

A very good comfortable experience for handheld gaming.

Skull & Co EDC Case For Nintendo SWITCH /Switch OLED Model (Slim Carrying Case) – Black

Powerwave Media Storage Tower [Fits 36 Cases] (PS4/XB1/Switch/Blu-Ray)

Wireless Controller Playstation 4

Excellent seller. Arrived on time in excellent condition. Was a present for a 9 year old, who is over the moon that his controller doesn't need to be plugged in.
Thank you

Quality stuff!

Great product! More than expected.

Brook UFB-UP5

Great upgrade for those who want to continue to use their current fightstick. Although UFB allows to play PS4 games due to it's universal functionality some games like Metal Slug 3 retain the 8 minute timeout from Sony even though Brook had a patch already to fix it. This upgrade fully resolves that problem.

Very please fast Delivery

Decent product

The adjustable grips are good. Only down side is the grips do get quite slippery playing during hot weather. Other then that im happy with the product.

Can’t use it on my ps5

This product is great but unfortunately I can’t use it on my ps5. Please fix it if possible.

Power A xbox series X

This is the best controller I have ever had