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Works great!

This is the first auto catcher I've owned and I like it. I chose it because it's small and discreet - no vibrations and the flashing lights are subtle. It connects quickly and easily (as a Pokémon GO Plus i.e. not Plus +) and does what it says it will do - spins stops and catches Pokémon. I've not had to recharge it yet as I only got it a few days ago and it's not reported low battery yet (the charge has lasted 5 days with an average of 2-4 hours use per day so far). I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommend this to anyone interested in an auto catcher.

Sturdy and sleek A+

I purchased both this and the Xbox Series X variant. I have them connected via strong Velcro under my Secretlab Magnus XL desk. Works like a charm. They look fantastic.

Great product.

Awesome Case

Not only is this case eye candy its High Quality! Best on the market and great price too. The guys at Gamory sent in record time aswell. Cheers.

Skull & Co. GripCase Lite Bundle for Switch Lite (with MaxCarry Case Lite) - Cyan & Magenta

Rocksmith Real Tone Guitar/Bass Cable (PS4/Xbox One/PC)

GuliKit KK3 MAX

Controller feels amazing and is in perfect condition.

Great controller. It has much more of a premium feel than I was expecting, and with the hall effect joysticks, I won't have to replace my controller every year

Absolutely Perfect

I usually don't write reviews but this product is fantastic. I can finally play my PS3 games properly again!! I wanted to play Metal Gear Solid 4 but didn't have a working PS3 controller, but had a really nice PS5 controller, and this adaptor lets me not only use the controller, but it enables SIXAXIS and rumble! And the home button works!! Phenomenal stuff. The shipping times from Gamory was amazing as well!

Product as described

Great product arrived quickly and is exactly what was needed will order again if i need another one

Quality grips

Out of the pack the grips, has a nice grippe/rubbery feel. For how long they will stay grippe I don't know, haven't had this item for long. But it's worth the $14.95 price tag.

Unsealed box

Got my new Ps5 box was unsealed and the controller was not wrapped.

Quality grips

Out of the pack the grips, has a nice grippe/rubbery feel. For how long they will stay grippe I don't know, haven't had this item for long. But it's worth the $14.95 price tag.

No reason to use over stock sticks.

Love the idea and ease of installation, but the product I received was very sticky and grindy. Switched back to stock sticks for much smoother experience. Not much to gain using these sticks over the stock ones if all there is is bad quality control.

Excellent for Xbox 360 non-backward compatible games

I have not tried this with newer Xbox consoles as Microsoft may be actively blocking these types of adaptors from now on.

Otherwise, happy to report this works almost exactly as it should out the box for Xbox 360!

If you are having sensitivity or deadzone issues:
Try pressing "View/Share/Minus+B/Circle/A" depending on your controller brand while connected and the unit should briefly flash red. This fixed walk speeds for me. Press "View/Share/Minus+X/Square/Y" to change it back if desired.

Much better alternative than trying to find/fix old 360 controllers, allows pro controllers with rear mappable buttons... works great with Victrix Pro BFG. It's a little cursed bringing up the guide with the PS button 😅

Not good for competitive fps

Not good for games like call of duty and Fortnite type games because of the input delay. It measured an average of 9ms of delay. Ps5 controller measured 3ms. It would be good for people playing games like GTA, saints row, brawlhalla, games like that but definitely not for competitive FPS games.


Highly recommend! Makes a huge difference and now my switch is super comfortable for hours

ps4 controller

was great product easy ordering fast shipping

Skull & Co. GripCase Ally Bundle for ROG Ally (incl EDC Carrying Case) – Black


Bad service. Awful product. Save your money

Essential Switch Accessory

Huge help with both comfort and control on Switch if you have medium/large hands. Essential for handheld use. Size adjustment from OLED to original model is flawless. Really well made and secure. Would like to see a larger variety of coloured grips to be included as a purchase option.