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Karen & Charlie Campbell (aussieangel71)
Super Seller!

Great price, super fast postage, highly recommend

Works great!

This is the first auto catcher I've owned and I like it. I chose it because it's small and discreet - no vibrations and the flashing lights are subtle. It connects quickly and easily (as a Pokémon GO Plus i.e. not Plus +) and does what it says it will do - spins stops and catches Pokémon. I've not had to recharge it yet as I only got it a few days ago and it's not reported low battery yet (the charge has lasted 5 days with an average of 2-4 hours use per day so far). I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommend this to anyone interested in an auto catcher.

Craig Spencer
Brook Pocket Auto Catch - Light : Dedicated Pokemon Go Player

I used the Gotcha Evolve for a couple of years, and went through 3 of them in that time (the first having an issue and needed to be replaced very quickly). On the whole they were non-intrusive and easy to use, but did have some issues with durability, so I decided to see if any of the new catchers were any good.
After looking at a number of reviews, I decided to give the BPAC - Light a go. Reasons for this was it were multiple: It appeared non-intrusive, simple to use, had dual-account capability, and looked to be fairly robust.
I've used it for a couple of weeks now, and am finding it really easy to use, very non-intrusive. It comes with a leather holder fob that acts like a key-chain or belt-hook attachment... or you just put it in your pocket (I just clip it to my bike when riding). The charge seems to hold for several days before needing to be topped up (via USB-C) (Any powered USB-C cable works by the way).
The only issue I had was that I had to disconnect and reconnect it to my phone several times to get the player one account (the top side) to be the default connection to my iphone, rather than the player two account. I'd say that this was because there were multiple blue-tooth devices active in the immediate vicinity when I first activated it, and I probably accidentally activated both accounts when I first started trying to connect. This showed what I consider the only real drawback (and it's minor once sorted) is that the P1 and P2 accounts do not identify themselves as such when blue-tooth pairing and show up on your phone as the same name. Using the associated application on the phone enabled me to determine which account was connected with the phone however, so I was able to forget the connection and try again until it was the P1 account that was actually 'learnt' by my phone.
I've used the dual-account capability a couple of times now with my wife, and also with a friend who also plays, and as long as you stay within blue-tooth range of each other, it works very well. They just pair to the P2 account and use the associated application as well.
I'm very happy with it so far, and hope that it proves to be as robust as it appears to be.


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