To ensure you are enjoying your product to the fullest:


1. (Obvious, but...) Always Read the Manual for a Proper Setup.

Read and follow the included instruction manual as it contains important steps to get you up and running smoothly.


2. Troubleshoot & Check for Updates Online.

Common issues are usually already addressed by the manufacturer, the links below feature a plethora of information to diagnose and fix common issues. Don't forget to also check for new updates to the manual, software, and firmware as provided by the manufacturer (links below).


3. Contact the Manufacturers Support Team.

The contact links below will put you in touch with the respective support teams, who will have the technical know-how to correctly diagnose and resolve.


4. Contact Us.

Still unresolved? We'll certainly be there to help. Please contact us so we can help you further.


Brands Product Knowledgebase, Support and FAQ Warranty Contact
Antlion Audio Logo Antlion Audio Product Support Warranty Contact
BigBen Interactive Logo BigBen Interactive Product Support Contact
CronusMax Plus Logo CronusMax Product Support Contact
GAEMS Logo GAEMS Product Support Warranty Contact
Address: GAEMS Corporate (USA)
2517 152nd Ave NE, BLDG 16, Redmond, WA 98052, USA.
Phone: +1 (425) 402-0100
Grip-iT Logo Grip-iT
HIDEit Logo HIDEit Product Support Contact
LucidSound Logo LucidSound Product Support Warranty Contact
Nyko Logo Nyko Product Support Warranty Contact
PowerA Logo PowerA Product Support Warranty Contact
PlayStation Logo PlayStation (Sony) Product Support Contact
Phone: 1300 365 911
Trigger Treadz Product Support Contact
Turtle Beach Product Support Warranty Contact
Xbox Logo Xbox (Microsoft) Product Support Warranty Contact
Phone: 1800 555 741