What are the differences between the Super Mario Games in stores?

Gamory, a gaming store in Australia, offers a variety of Super Mario games and themed accessories, but how do they differ from one another? Let's explore these games together!

First off, we have Super Mario Odyssey available for play on Nintendo Switch. Join Mario and Cappy on a globe trotting adventure! Visit places like Mexican desserts, busy streets of Donk City, a jung forest, and more adventurous settings.

Super Mario Odyssey

Goal: Collect moons by completing tasks and special tasks to power up your airship. You need to save Princess Peach from Bowser's evil wedding plans.

What's new? It has new outfits, exciting gameplay, and surprises throughout the game. You definitely won't get tired of playing the game again and again! This sandbox-style 3D adventure game is the first since 1966 beloved Super Mario 64 and the classic Super Mario Sunshine in 2022.

Second, there's the Super Mario Party! Trust us on this one, this is a CROWD FAVORITE! It's released as an addition to the Mario Party series.

What's unique? It has a board game style. Four players can play with different board game themes and levels. In the Super Mario Party board game, each step corresponds to a closer chance of winning or losing! It's built with a total of 84 playable minigames. One example is Can Take Pancake (picture below) wherein you have to take the most pancakes and stack them up on your plate.

Super Mario Party

Goal: Collect the most stars by winning minigames, to be deemed as a superstar and win the game after all board game dice rounds.

The game is super-charged with fun and enjoyment perfect for all ages and relationships. It fosters teamwork (at times against Bowser!) or competitiveness against each other.

Next up, there's Super Mario Maker 2. As its name suggests, you'll have to come up with your own Super Mario levels! Unleash your creativity by designing your own traps, puzzles, and blockers along the way.

You don't have to imagine your dream Super Mario course as you can make one for yourself and share with others, too!

Super Mario Maker 2

Goal: Play your way!

Two players can even build courses together on a single screen. Simply pick and select iconic pieces and strategic enemies and place them wherever you like! You can choose from many different themes including Super Mario 3D World style! You may also combine different elements and make your game unique and surprising to other players.

Another classic game, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, is a racing game! Battle with your friends as you hit the road with the definitive version of Mario Kart 8.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Choose your favorite character, choose your car, and customize it however you like! You may carry two items at a time, and attack and divert your opponents off course.

Battle on new and exciting courses like Urchin Underpass and Battle Stadium. Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl from Splatoon, King Boo, Dry Bones, and Bowser Jr. also join the roster of playable drivers.

Drive your way to victory with Mario Kart 8!

Another cute installment of the classic Super Mario game is Paper Mario: The Origami King. Join Mario and his new partner, Olivia, as they fend off folded soldiers, repair the damaged landscape, and free the ever-so-captured Princess Peach from King Olly and the whole kingdom ravaged by origami menaces.

Paper Mario: The Origami King Gameplay

Mario and Luigi receive an invitation from Princess Peach to an origami festival in town, something feels strange. The town was eerily quiet and empty. The duo finds a fearful turn, King Olly has turned Princess Peach into a folded paper princess.

Goal: Battle King Olly, ruler of Origami Kingdom, free Princess Peach, and prevent his plan of refolding the world.

Paper Mario: The Origami King

The Super Mario games installment has been a very popular and classic franchise throughout time, generations after generations. Thanks to our creative and innovative developers, it has grown larger and more dynamic! If you want to know more about the different Super Mario games, leave a comment down below!

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