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  • Skull & Co. GripCase Lite for Nintendo Switch Lite
    Skull & Co. GripCase Lite for Nintendo Switch Lite

    Keep your Switch Lite covered and protected with the Skull & Co. GripCase. This set includes three pairs of interchangeable grips to fit all hand sizes and provide players with comfortable play time to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome.

    The Skull & Co. GripCase is made of TPU material. It provides snug fit, easy to fit and remove. The three grips are SnapGrip, TriggerGrip, and PlusGrip.

  • Brook Pocket Auto Catch Bluetooth Wristband for Pokemon GO
    Skull & Co. GripCase Lite for Nintendo Switch Lite

    The Brook Pocket Auto Catch is perfect for Pokemon Go players. It's a small device that lets you enjoy playing while you're walking, strolling, traveling, and WITHOUT looking or accessing your smartphone.

    Auto Catch Pokemon, Auto Spin Pokestop, and Auto Items Collected! It has vibration feedback without buttons press required. Just connect with wireless bluetooth and enjoy the game.

  • HIDEit PS4 Vertical Wall Mount Bracket
    HIDEit PS4 Vertical Wall Mount Bracket

    This HIDEit Wall Mount Bracket for PS4 is best for keeping your area safe, clean, and tidy. Organize those wires and let your Playstation console float on the wall! Just a reminder, this model only fits the original PS4.

    This is a space-saving & compact accessory. It will provide full access to ports and with improved ventilation. The HIDEit Wall Mount is the highest rated PS4 wall mount so it will definitely be worth it!

    You may also get the HIDEit Xbox Series X Mount Pro Bundle at 10% off!

  • GuliKit Route Air for Nintendo Switch - Wireless Bluetooth Audio Adapter
    GuliKit Route Air for Nintendo Switch - Wireless Bluetooth Audio Adapter

    We present to you the world's thinnest Bluetooth transmitter for Nintendo Switch: GuliKit Route Air Wireless Bluetooth Audio Adapter!

    It perfectly solves the problem of connecting Bluetooth receivers such as earphones, headphones, and speakers. It can even be paired to two bluetooth devices and stream audio to both of them simultaneously. The GuliKit Audio Adapter allows you to have awesome cooperative games and share the fun with your friends!

    It's battery free, easy to use, and uses low latency technology to eliminate audio delay.

  • GuliKit JoyCon Charging Dock
    Skull & Co. GripCase Lite for Nintendo Switch Lite

    If you like local multiplayer games or your household has more than one Nintendo Switch console, then the GuliKit Joycon Charging Dock is perfect!

    It has four ports for charging four JoyCons simultaneously. It supports JoyCon charging with or without case on with separate LED charging indication.

    The GuliKit JoyCon Charging Dock supports connection to all USB A ports and works with the original dock, so it looks as an integral whole.

These are only some of the gaming accessories you can purchase at 10% OFF during FRENZY 2022 at Gamory. There are still so many choices that would fit all each and every gamer's needs! Other items included are audio USB transmitters, NeoGrip, Joystick replacements, and so much more!

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