Mother's Day Tribute: Gamer Moms, Geek Moms Exist

Maybe you have never imagined calling your mum a gamer. But here we are, it's 2022 indeed.

Gamer mums are not as rare and unique as society believes.

Gaming numbers are massive with over 3 billion gamers and $200 billion worth industry. Although contrary to popular belief that young males dominate gaming as a hobby or interest, "gamer mums" actually make a significant contribution to this portion, according to a research by Forbes and Activision Blizzard Media.

Who are gamer mums? Gamer mums represent all kinds of gaming on various platforms. Whether it's PC, a video game console, or even mobile. In a survey of different mums, the majority indicated a level of engagement with video games, and the numbers are rapidly increasing.

GAMER MUMS ARE NOT JUST MOBILE GAMERS. Gamer mums are most likely to consume social media and streaming services. So they are more likely to divulge in nerd and geek culture, see the value of technology, and virtual experiences.

Gamer Couple Playing together

GAMER MUMS ARE COMPETITIVE. It is a woman's nature after all, competitiveness. Women don't like losing arguments, much more in games. Gaming for women makes them feel empowered, creative, and joyful. Additionally, it is a great bonding experience for children, spouses, and families.

GAMER MUMS ARE POSITIVE THINKERS. Gamer mums relate easily with their children, are more likely to adapt and be hopeful for the future, and would appreciate the advancement of technology. They are more likely to think that entertainment would keep a society united, and is an important part of daily life. Gamer mums fight the stereotype that parents are tech illiterate, emotionally distant, and negligent of their children.

Mom playing with child

For this upcoming Mother's Day Celebration, treat your gamer mums and geek mums! Check out this quick gift list Gamory prepared for mothers who love gaming.

  1. Razer Kitty Ears for Razer Kraken
  2. Skull & Co. Grip Set for Nintendo Switch
  3. Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise for Nintendo Switch
  4. GuliKit KingKong Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch
  5. Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Surround Set Gaming Headset
  6. HIDEit Playstation Vertical Wall Mount
  7. Horizon Zero Dawn (Complete Edition)

We would like to thank all mothers around the world, gamer or not, for bringing up children that would positively shape the future of the world.

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