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Look at the picture above. How many characters can you name? There’s Spiderman, Mario, Peter Pan, the peashooter from Plants Vs. Zombies, and Ellie and Joel. But the real question is: which characters do you really know? Although video game characters are fictional, they always have the great backstories, histories, and personalities that affect their gameplay. Sometimes these fictional characters affect a gamer’s life so much that they live by the same principles in life. So, let’s dig in more to some of the best characters created in the digital universe!

    If you’ve been playing The Sims since the second installment, then you SHOULD know about Don Lothario. He’s had a major makeover for The Sims 4 with a muscular body, a nice tan, suave mustache and beard, a tattoo, and a finesse jawline - making him a total heartthrob in the game. His lifetime aspiration is to have many romantic connections so your Sim wouldn’t have any problem building a romantic relationship with Don Lothario. Since he is a legendary ladies man and seducer in the game, he is also referred to as Don Juan.

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    Ellie is a 14-year-old survivor in the game series. She’s an orphan who grew up in a military-run boarding school within the bounds of the quarantine area. She’s known the world to be really harsh and heartless. But being a naive and curious child in a new age, her knowledge is full of remnants of the past and nostalgic world from the comics and CDs she’s obsessed with. The game revolves around her and the main plot twist is that she was bitten - but seems like she is immune to the effect which is death.

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    At the start of the game, Kara is in the androids store getting repaired. Her old memories were erased so she’s good as new. She portrays a house maid for Todd and his daughter, Alice. She obeys every order she is given such as washing dishes, cleaning the house, pouring water on the glass, doing laundry - and other mundane tasks. The major plot twist, as seen on the trailer, is when she builds a relationship with Alice who is getting abused by her father. Now, it is up to her (up to YOU) to become deviant, break your obedient installation, and go out into the android-hating world with Alice.

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    He is the God of War, the Ghost of Sparta, and the Marked Warrior - Kratos. He is the playable character in the game God of War. He was a respected soldier and Spartan General up until he killed his wife and daughter. Although an accident, he renounced his service to Ares, the God of War. Ares killed off Kratos, so he ascended into Godhood and earned the new title God of War. Kratos carried on a new life after he enacted his vengeance against everyone who betrayed him. He will journey on to the world with Arteus, his son, and go through several challenges together. A husband, a dad, a warrior, and a God - this is Kratos.

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