Long Hours Of Play Don't Have To Be Uncomfortable

Finally found the game that you can't put down? We know exactly how that feels! Long hours of playing don't just seem enough. You want to explore more dungeons, level up your characters, and battle more players. "Just one more game" will never be true for us gamers, but sometimes our hands are telling us otherwise.

That is why we made you sure that you are always comfortable when you're playing, and that nothing can get in the way of you being able to bring out your best game. Make your gaming experience more enjoyable and comfortable with these:

Skull & Co. Thumb Grip Set for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Thumb Grips
Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Thumb Grip pair sets

Long hours of gaming can wear and tear our controllers, hurt our fingers, or (as much as we don't to say it because we love the game so much) uncomfortable. That is why Skull & Co. made a thumb grip set specifically for Nintendo Switch Pro, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch Joy Con Controllers.

The snug fit design gives no room for steering clearing and prevents the analog sticks from peeling off. This comes with 3 pairs of specially designed thumb grips for the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers, which not only protect your original joystick cap, but also provide more accurate control and comfort.

The set of 3 different pairs is perfect for various play styles: 2x Skin Grip, 2x CQC Elite, and 2x FPS Master. The skin grip can help protect the original joystick caps from wearing out, while the CQC Elite can help increase accuracy and control for general game play improvement, and the FPS Master is best for FPS/shooting games that require high precision and accuracy.

CQC Elite + FPS Master = FPS Pro 💯

If you feel like the FPS grip does not satisfy you, try adding CQC on your FPS thumb grip. You also can add FPS grip on another FPS grip to increase the height. Tune your joysticks whichever way you want and see how much this can change your gameplay!

Skull & Co. Replaceable Grip Set


Skull & Co. Replaceable Grip Set for Nintendo Switch (Animal Crossing)
Skull & Co. Replaceable Grip Set for Nintendo Switch (Neon Pink & Neon Green)

If your hands start to feel uncomfortable when playing, that is probably a sign... A sign that you should already get a Skull & Co. Replaceable Grip Set! These grip sets come with interchangeable grips to fit all hand sizes and provide you with comfortable handling to avoid carpal tunnel. The grip sets are made of hard polycarbonate with texture on the surface, which gives players a similar feeling of holding a XB1 or PS4 joy-con.

This is available in 3 designs that you can choose from to match your console, your carry case, or even your personality! We have the Animal Crossing design, perfect for fans to match with their other Animal Crossing merch. Like, maybe a cool Animal Crossing Carry Case like this. We also have a neon pink & green and neon red & blue design if you want to go for something bright and lively to lighten up your mood.

The Skull & Co. Replaceable Grip Set for Nintendo Switch (Animal Crossing) and Grip Set and Skull & Co. Replaceable Grip Set for Nintendo Switch (Neon Pink & Neon Green) comes with 3 grip sets, a pair of SnapGrip, TriggerGrip, and PlusGrip. While the Skull & Co. Replaceable Grip Set for Nintendo Switch (Neon Red & Neon Blue) comes with 2 grip sets, a pair of SnapGrip and a pair of TriggerGrip. The SnapGrip is a basic set for most players and games, while the TriggerGrip provides stronger grip force. The TriggerGrip is designed for players with bigger hands and play hardcore games very often.

Grip-iT Bulk Thumb Grips

Grip-iT Bulk 6-Pack Thumb Grips
Grip-iT Bulk 6-Pack Thumb Grips 4xPurple & 2xPink

Grip-iT is the ultimate in analog covers. They prevent slippage, enhance feel, comfort, and sensitivity when playing. They also create the perfect protection for your thumb sticks, and revitalizes thumb grips with rubber that is peeling or wearing out.

Grip-iT is Made in the USA from exclusive materials that are soft to the touch and feel good on your fingers, Grip-iTs are made for extended play time and are trusted worldwide. This will definitely make gaming with Playstation and Xbox more comfortable even on long hours of gaming. With the Grip-iT Thumb Grips you can now take total control of your analog controller joysticks.

The Grip-iT Bulk Pack comes in a small sealed bag and a branding card. It is available in 4-pack thumb grips and 6-pack thumb grips. You can mix and match Grip-iT colors with the Bulk Pack. Customize your controllers to make them more you and make them feel more comfortable only with the Grip-iT.

Long hours of playing don't have to be uncomfortable. Make sure that you play your best and with comfort with only the BEST and TRUSTED accessories for your controllers. Don't forget to check more Gamory Gaming Accessories here.

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