5 Types of Gamers. Which One Are You?

In a group of gamers there will always be different personalities that will stand out, and you probably notice this when you and your friends are playing together. However, did you ever wonder what type of gamer you are? Are you a hardcore or a casual gamer? Do you spend long hours playing and dedicating your time in understanding the game? Do you enjoy mind games and challenging yourself to do better in each round? Read more to find out which type of gamer you are.

Hardcore Gamer

Are you the type of gamer who stays up late playing games? Do you sometimes lose sleep because you just can't put down the game? Ever caught yourself saying "last game and I'm putting this down", "I'll just check this dungeon then I'll sleep", or "I'll just level up my character then I'm done for the day", but we both know that's not true! After winning that round you'll be all hyped up and would want another round of battle, after checking that dungeon you'll be more curious on what'll happen next, and after leveling up your character you'd want to test out their strength and new powers! It's a circle - a never ending cycle!

If you're all that, then it's safe to say that you fall into the category of hardcore gamers. Hardcore gamers, regardless of how good or bad they are, they enjoy the game so much! They put most of their time and energy for the love of the game. Hardcore gamers are also those who research about the game, even before it comes out! They know almost all about the game - developers, publishers, designers, release date, series (if there are any), and many more that other gamers probably don't know. Whether it's mobile gaming, online gaming, or whatever type of game you play, if you put your heart and all your time into gaming you fall in this category. So, cheers and enjoy the game!

Casual Gamer

Do you enjoy playing games but still have the strength to put it down when your eyes are already tearing up? You love the game and enjoy it just as much as hardcore gamers do, but you're just more "laid back"? It doesn't matter whether you win or lose, get all the hidden chests in the game, or explore all the secret places in the dungeon, you're good as long as you are having fun with the game. Don't get me wrong, it's not that you're not competitive (because you probably are) or you don't play the game that well. It's more like a "I can still sleep well even though I lost one game" type of player. That one lost doesn't haunt you in your sleep. That hidden chest doesn't bother you as much.

Here's to all casual gamers out there! Hope you find more games to enjoy and have a couple of laughs with your mates.

The Gambler

Game's not that exciting to you? Or maybe it is but you just want to spice things up and make it more interesting. If you're the type of gamer who loves making bets to make the game more exciting then you're the gambler type of player. Whether it's $5 or $50, a week of free food from the losing team, a crazy embarrassing dare, whatever it is, your competitive side just comes out to its shell when there are bets on the line. And I guess some can agree to this, right? It'll definitely make a good story to tell during the weekend or when you and your friends look back and reminisce.

Calling all gambler players, what's the most epic bet that you and your friends have made, and who won?

Puzzle Gamer

Do you enjoy brain games or figuring out how to put the pieces together? Puzzle gamers are those players that enjoy mind exercise games. In the games that they play, each level will be harder than the last, and this excites them. The harder the puzzle, the more complex it'll be for them to solve. This way they "exercise" their brain into thinking of all the possible ways and logic to solve the puzzle. They will try different approaches, styles, and techniques just to find the correct answer. If they have already solved the puzzle, they would sometimes challenge themselves and solve the puzzle in a faster time or in the least amount of moves.

If you're a puzzle gamer, what's the most difficult game that made you say to yourself "Am I ever gonna solve this?" and if you were able to solve it, how long did it take you?

Pro Gamer

Professional gamers or "pro gamers" are those who are extremely good at their game. These are the gamers who we all wish to be like because they make a living off their gaming talents! Who doesn't want that?! You enjoy the game that you're really good at and you can get paid doing that. Living the dream!

These players are those who join or are invited to join in gaming tournaments, with some even playing internationally. Cool right? It is, however, not as easy as it seems like. It is not all chill and fun times as these players dedicate their time and energy to train and practice their strategies and gameplay. Cheers to all pro gamers out there!

Which one are you?

So, which type of gamer are you? Whether you're a casual or a hardcore gamer, the most important thing to remember is to find a game that you will enjoy and have a few laughs while playing alone or with your friends (physically or virtually).

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