How to Improve Gaming Experience on Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch has been steadily rising to the most used and bought gaming console in recent years. With the urge of the coronavirus-19 pandemic, many people stayed at home and made Nintendo Switch gaming a recreational hobby.

But… is there more to it? In this article, we'll let you in on HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR GAMING EXPERIENCE ON NINTENDO SWITCH, what you can do, and what you'll need to take better care of your console, have a more comfortable experience, and be able to play seamlessly for hours without complaining!

  1. Skull & Co. GripCase

    Skull & Co. GripCase for Nintendo Switch - Neon Red & Blue

    This set includes a GripCase, and a pair of PlusGrip, TriggerGrip, and SnapGrip. All of these grips have different uses: for massive hand players, for hardcore games, and for most games, respectively.

    The GripCase is easy to put and remove. It will protect your console while being soft and scratch-friendly at the same time.

  2. Skull & Co. MaxCarry Case

    Skull & Co. MaxCarry Case (for GripCase Crystal)

    Protect your Nintendo Switch console with the Skull & Co. MaxCarry Case. It includes 10 card game slots - making your games handy and convenient.

    The MaxCarry Case is made of a hard shell providing 360-degree protection. It is also spacious enough to fit your power bank, earphones, USB cables, and more.

  3. Thumb Grip Set for Nintendo Switch Joy Cons

    Skull & Co. Thumb Grip Set for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller (Animal Crossing)

    Now, we have a grip set for your front grips where your thumb does all the work.

    Featured on the left is the Animal Crossing Edition with pastel green and blue grips. But, the grip sets are also available in different colors.

    This set includes 3 pairs of different grips: skin grip, CQC elite, and FPS master. Mix n' match these grips for improved accuracy and comfort while gaming.

  4. TPU Protective Case for Nintendo Switch OLED

    TPU Protective Case Cover for NINTENDO SWITCH OLED - Camouflage

    If you are only looking for a Nintendo Switch OLED Case, then the TPU Protective Case should be on top your list! It's available in Camouflage, Gray, Yellow, and more.

    It's silicone, but it's nontoxic, anti-drop, and anti-fragment. It is used with high quality raw materials. Its ergonomic design makes long hours of gaming comfortable.

  5. Powerwave Premium Leather Pouch

    Powerwave Premium Leather Pouch Bag Case for Nintendo Switch

    If you are looking for a more sophisticated design, the Powerwave Premium Leather Pouch is perfect! It is made of genuine leather designed for wear and tear over time and will reveal character and personality after some use.

    This pouch will certainly protect your Nintendo Switch Console while bringing style at the same time.

All items above are available at All items will ensure the safety and improving longevity of your Nintendo Switch console. Avoid the wear and tear by taking care of your console through time.

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