Skull & Co. LiteCase Bundle For Nintendo Switch Lite

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Jessica Viljamaa

Great product

Worth it for a very cheap price

I brought this and I saw that in this website and Amazon, or any other website you don’t see any reviews or information about the switch bundle. I love it I mean I don’t even give it a five I want to give it 100 out of 100. I love it I’m a very minimalist person I don’t like carrying accessories and it’s just too much it defeats. The purpose of the switch light I just like carrying my switch with a few games and that’s it. this case is the perfect bundle for me. The fact that it’s only $16 excluding shipping which was was $10 I don’t mind a very good price I love it. I always buy from gamory and skull and co because it’s very good brand they’re so cheap stuff, but it would last a long time I have the neo grip bundle for the oled and I love it. I love the fact that you’re able to docket and play with it and also I have it for the switch light as well. I really love this I think what makes it better is that it’s only $16 for this bundle you got yourself a good case that doesn’t seem cheap it’s great quality you’re so have a clear case it will protect it from scratches and one thing. I didn’t realise that if you have a little handle that actually hidden inside see my photo is in the middle and I love it definitely worth the money even though there is no reviews online about this bundle it’s a very good one I love it and I’m getting I do shop from gamory my parcel came the next day, was in good shape and package was great but a bit too much tape I love the bundle love it so much just listen to me and you buy it. You’ll love it

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