Skull & Co. NeoGrip Bundle - Neon Red & Blue

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Ben Johnston
A must have accessory

Only recently bought a switch and found it was a little uncomfortable to play for long periods exclusively in handheld mode. Looked at so many different options, I almost bought I Nitro Deck but absolutely glad I got this. Very comfortable, keeps the features and function of the switch and its controllers while adding comfort. I like the options of the different grips depending on what game I am playing, easy to switch out. The case is an excellent addition to keep the spare grips, thumb grips and games all in one. All for a third of the price of the Nitro Deck. Thanks Gamory for stocking a great item.

Almost perfect

Firstly, I just want to say that Gamory have this listed at a great price and the shipping was quick (I chose express). I was concerned that maybe the product would be a knock-off because I have never heard of Gamory before but it's definitely legit and I would recommend Gamory to anyone looking to buy this grip/case combo.

In regards to the grip itself:
It fit my OLED switch very well, there is almost no flex when it is installed and the ability to choose the grip size is a nice feature. Overall for the price I think it's the best option available.
There are 2 things that I don't really like about the grip though:
1. There are screws used on the middle portion of the grip to allow for the size adjustment. These screws can protrude a little bit and if you don't cover them with something like electrical tape then they can scratch the back of your console. Please take a moment to put something over them.
2. The different grips that you can choose from feel a bit flimsy. I'm sure they will hold up just fine, but they are hollow and light, they also scratch on the body of the grip quite a lot during installation/removal (does not affect the switch console). The shape of the 'trigger' grip is my favourite, the only thing I would change if I could is the angle that the grip directs your hands - your index finger sits slightly away from the trigger buttons.
Overall I think the grip is about an 8/10. If you take the price into consideration, and the fact that the Satisfye grip is about twice the price, then maybe it's a 9/10, but the issue with the screws and the feeling of the grip handle attachments brings it down a bit.

The case is fantastic, its small enough to be easy to take on the go but large enough to fit everything you need to keep you going (portable battery, headphones, games, spare grips, etc). In my opinion I would give the case a straight up 10/10.

Kai Fraser
Excellent quality

The quality of the case was much higher than expected and the neogrip makes the switch so much more comfortable to hold. Great product!

Aaron O
Big hands all grip

Awesome product. Made playing my switch so much more comfortable. I have big hands and playing the switch straight out of the box was not pleasant at all but with this grip it’s amazing. I highly recommend!!


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