Gulikit KingKong 2 Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch/PC/Android/Mac OS/iOS (Black) NS08

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Neil Blanch
Best controller I've used...but

This is by far the best controller I've used, and absolutely miraculous for the price. The hall effect sticks and triggers are fantastic and it works seamlessly across the supported devices. I'm pulling off headshots now so much easier and the triggers are great for racing games. Tons of features including a 10 minutes long macro recording feature, no deadzone mode and gyro aim assist if that's your bag.

It doesn't work with PlayStation or Xbox. For that you need an adaptor - which I'm still waiting on. And there's a new model coming that has major improvements like back paddles, better switches to swap modes and RgB lighting.

Now I love my existing controller. If it had back paddles it would absolutely be a Elite or Scuf killer. I'm definitely going to upgrade to the new model. If you don't care about back paddles then grab the 2. If you do wait a couple months and grab the pro 3. And be aware that you can't use the controller on Xbox and PlayStation without the adaptor which is allegedly arriving this month. If you mainly game on switch and PC then I'd rate either the pro 2 or 3 as the best value for money controller out there. Until you use hall effect sensors you can't really grasp how perfect they feel. And no stick drift EVER.

Scott Mitchell (lobo24red)
Gulikit KingKong 2 Wireless controller

I love my new hand controller it is a better size for my large hands and the the Hall affect joy sticks are smooth and accurate in use. All the other controls fall to hand very easily and I have the piece of mind that I will never suffer stick drift, Awesome cheers. 👍😊👍

Ezekiel Roberts
Great Product.

A great controller and for a great price. Strongly recommend this product.

Andrew Chin (andychin77)
Best hall sensor controller

Product works flawlessly, requires a bit of searching to swap ab xy buttons for windows.
Surface finish is a bit different texture and leaves sweat marks easily. But product is good

Kyle Hope (kyho6846)

Gulikit KingKong 2 Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch/PC/Android/Mac OS/iOS (Black) NS08


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