Gulikit Hall Joystick Replacement Repair Kit for Nintendo Switch/Switch OLED Joy-Con (Black) NS40

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Sticks are fantastic, make sure you have the right tools

I was surprised when my order arrived; the hall sticks don't come with the cheap little toolkit that is included with the ordinary sticks, I had to go out and hunt around for the right size triwing bit.

Other than that, I'm very happy with the end result. Installation was simple, calibration was a breeze, stick drift is completely eliminated.

Yau Chow
Easy to install

Was pretty easy to install and get working.

Arianna Lahiri

fantastic product, only wish it came with the screwdriver needed to open the front casing of the nintendo switch and other repair tools. otherwise very good and fixes stick drift imminently and feels better than originals.

Timothy Fletcher
Easy to install and feels great

I can't complain in the slightest. They analogue sticks have more resistance than the original ones, which I love as it feels like you can better control input movements, etc.

Make sure you calibrate the sticks the first time you use them, though!

Brandon H.
Received faulty pair, had to buy new ones

I like my new replacement joysticks for the joy cons. They feel nice to use with pretty much the same feeling as the originals. The feeling when moving each joysticks feels like writing on paper, rather than the originals, which feels more like writing on ipad. However it has less resistance than the originals. The materials on these ones also feel a bit less rubbery than the originals which I like because the originals tend to get slippery when they get exposed to finger oils over time, although I don't know how these will hold in the long term yet. There were just a bit of quality control issues with my unit (I don't know how it is for others).

The original pair I received were faulty. One of them was fine but the other had issues when I dragged the joystick to the edge of the right side. It would kind of teleport to the opposite side back and forth at high speed, and when I moved it around in a large circle, it would sort of reverse back a bit at a point on the right side. Moreover with both of these, it would always be easier to press the joysticks on one side (on the left joystick it was easier to press it down when it was on the bottom, and on the right joystick it was easier to press it when it was on top). I contacted Gamory and Gulikit with no response back so far from either.

In the end I had to buy another pair and that ended up being great. These ones are more consistent and I will be using these ones for a very long time because of the Hall effect. I'm happy with the current pair but leaving a 3 star review for the quality control and service.


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