Antlion Audio ModMic Wireless Attachable Boom Microphone (GDL-0700)

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Timothy Ozimec
Does what it says on the box, though the interface could be better

The product works as advertised, and was really simple to set up and install (no software required, yay!).
However, the way to it react with it, through a single button, isn't great. One of my biggest whinges is to turn it on or off you have to hold the button for 2 seconds. However, it doesn't turn on after that 2 seconds has passed if you're still holding the button, but only when you let go. That means you have to count it in your head rather than just waiting for it to come on. And if you hold it too long, it goes into pairing mode. It's a small whinge, but it's just one extra thing to have to think about every time I use it.

That aside, would recommend. It's a very pricey product for what it is, but it has allowed me to continue using an old pair of perfectly functioning Bose noise cancelling headphones as a gaming headset rather than just throwing them out. However, it was a far cheaper option than buying an equivalent pair of gaming headphones, so consider that angle if the price is giving you pause.

Paul Nikko Lozano
Microphone Alternative

Great product for those looking for a better microphone to their mainstream headsets. This product advantage allows you to save space in your desk compared to a traditional desktop microphone.

Tim Hughes

Antlion Audio ModMic Wireless Attachable Boom Microphone (GDL-0700)

Great mic worth every cent

Couldn’t be happier with my Antlion, no issues in set up being plug and play. Didn’t even have to adjust any levels for discord or windows. I have even been using it to record small sound bites for my music stuff. Amazing quality for the size and Bluetooth connection.

Sean K
great for vr

i brought this mainly for vr, works amazingly, and beats out most wired mics by a loong shot, i will continue to use my modmic usb for non vr however

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