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When it comes to gaming, you would always want to have the best total package experience. From a comfortable seat, right accessories up to a stable and high speed connection, you just want everything to be the best of its kind. There are usually a lot of methods to get the best out of your game just like choosing the perfect controller. Picking out the right controller gives you the comfort and convenience which are both important for a greater gaming immersion.

So if you are asking what is the best gaming controller in the market, it is the Sony PS5 Dualsense Wireless Controller. This new controller has been anticipated for months and finally, it's officially out to the public. And upon its release, it's already considered the best gamepad Sony has made. So what makes the PS5 Dualsense Wireless Controller the top of its range?

  • Heighten your senses
    • The DualSense wireless controller for PS5 offers immersive haptic feedback, dynamic adaptive triggers and a built-in microphone, all integrated into an iconic design.
  • Built-in microphone and headset jack
    • Chat with friends online using the built-in microphone — or by connecting a headset to the 3.5-mm jack. Easily switch off voice capture at a moment's notice with the dedicated mute button.
  • Create button
    • Capture and broadcast (3) your most epic gaming moments with the create button. Building on the success of the pioneering SHARE button, "create" offers players more ways to produce gaming content and broadcast their adventures live to the world.
  • Built-in battery
    • Charge and play, now via USB Type-C.
  • Integrated speaker
    • Select games take on an extra dimension with higher-fidelity sound effects bursting from the controller.
  • Motion Sensor
    • Bring intuitive motion control to supported games with the built-in accelerometer and gyroscope.
  • Play together on PS5™
    • Grab player two and discover a world of local multiplayer games for the PlayStation®5 console, including sports, platformers and intense shooters that all take advantage of the DualSense wireless controller's incredible sensory features.
  • Click.Charge.Play
    • Stay in the game and be ready to face your friends with the DualSense charging station.
    • Dock up to two DualSense wireless controllers quickly and easily with the charging station's click-in design. Your controllers charge as quickly as when connected to your PS5 console — so you can free up USB ports without sacrificing performance.

Discover a deeper meaning experience with the innovative new PS5 controller.

But the best is yet to come as Sony has confirmed they will continue to deliver updates in the upcoming months so keep your heads up for its release schedule and price list.

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