Is Nintendo Switch Lite Still Worth Buying For?

The beauty of handheld gaming has long appealed to gamers who love to play on-the-go, meeting up with friends and game with them just anywhere. Nintendo is acknowledged to have popularized the handheld consoles after the release of Game Boy in 1989 and continues to do so with its highly acclaimed Nintendo Switch Consoles. One well-received handheld-only version is the Switch lite which was released on September 20, 2019 and had sold about 1.95 million units worldwide just only 10 days after its launch. Known to be limited only for handheld gaming, is Switch Lite still worth buying for this 2022?

Switch lite runs almost all of the same software and you can play the same exact games with the regular Switch except for games that specifically require TV mode and inserting it to a docking station. But aside from that, Switch Lite has still so much to offer.


Travel convenient 

If you are someone who loves to travel regularly and also a video game fanatic, the Switch Lite is just perfect for a travel companion.  With its slim feature, you can just throw it into a backpack or shoulder bag and carry it around with you. A Switch Lite in a slim but protective case takes up very little space substantially easing the amount of equipment you need to carry around and instead, leaving you with a lightweight device that can be thrown into a bag without other concerns.


Better portability

The Nintendo Switch Lite is best for those who are tired of only playing on the TV. With its slim design, it is easy to wrap your hands around without those bulkier buttons that makes it child-friendly and for family gaming. It is smaller and lighter than the basic Switch in handheld mode but just with the same gaming experience. The Switch Lite's fixed controls make the system more stable and robust than the Switch in portable mode. Also, the black border around the screen has been removed in Switch Lite with the display being built directly into the console which instead shows a larger frame in the colour of your choice for the model. The buttons also have a softer feel and don’t make as loud a clicking noise which is advantageous for silent gaming situations.










Cheapest among the Switch models

The Switch Lite only costs 339.95 AUD which is a better budget choice compared to the 489.95 AUD Basic Switch. If you're on a tight budget but are still eager to play the extensive number of the latest Nintendo Switch games, Switch Lite is the answer for you. Play games anywhere with your awesome Switch Lite at an affordable price.


Brighten up

Nintendo Switch Lite comes in more interesting colors than the regular Switch, which mimics the different-colored Joy-Cons for a more attractive look. This includes yellow, turquoise, grey, blue and coral pink.










Long battery life

The Switch Lite can last you between three and seven hours, depending on what you're doing, or the games you play. 


The Switch Lite can’t support itself but with the right accessories and a few tips, you can play with the Switch Lite in tabletop mode and control it via Joy-Con controllers. Also, the Switch Lite has a pixel density of 267 pixels per inch (ppi) over the original Switch's 236 ppi. So when played only in handheld mode, expect a slightly sharper image in the Switch Lite as the resolution hasn’t been reduced from the 720p seen in the full Nintendo Switch.


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