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Bethesda, the publisher of popular games such as Fallout and Skyrim, has acquired a new property in the name of Starfield after 25 years. Naturally, the game has a lot of hype and many gamers are excited for its release. Just like where other games of today are heading, Starfield is a journey to space.

Starfield is confirmed for release on platforms Xbox Series X|S and PC. It may be sad news for Playstation gamers but Todd Howard, game director, said that he hears and is considering those who won’t be able to play the game on PS4 or PS5. “You don’t ever want to leave people out, right?” Howard sain in June 2021. However, considering their best efforts right now, their main priority is to release Starfield in the earlier mentioned platforms.

The real question is “WHEN IS THE RELEASE DATE?” It was originally scheduled for November, 2022 but the game developers faced some delays. Starfield is now scheduled to come out in the first half 2023.

The Elder Scroll series and the Fallout series being an expansive open-world RPG (role playing game) became a trademark for Bethesda. However, it is said that those games are nothing compared to the universe the gamer would be exploring in Starfield. This statement alone is enough to get fans of the game so hyped up!

desert moon kreet

Howard confirmed that players would be able to explore and visit an astonishing number of over 1,000 planets during the Xbox-Bethesda Games Showcase, June 2022. As seen from the picture above, this is the desert moon of Kreet, it is an empty space featuring space bandits in an outpost.

While the picture below is a shot of New Atlantis, a full-fledged hub city, perfect for exploration and item production.

hub city new atlantis

Starfield is also described as more hardcore RPG compared to Bethesda’s previous works. One of the key parts is the character creator. There is a wide variety of backgrounds and traits to choose from. Some of them are chef, beast hunter, combat medic, cyber runner, diplomat, gangster, pilgrim, professor, and ronin. These come with starting skills that may be handy and strategic for early gameplay.

starfield character creator

Although this is an amazing customization feature, it does not end here. Starfield will also allow you to customize the looks of your guns, weapons, and spacecraft. Players may also construct their own outposts – a more complex and comprehensive personalization than Fallout 4. Starfield players may unleash their full creativity in base-building as well.

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