How to Connect Your PS4, PS5, Switch Pro and Xbox Elite Controllers to Your Xbox 360 Console

The Xbox 360, a true classic of the gaming world, is still a beloved console for many. But what if you're used to the feel of a newer controller, like a DualSense from your PS5 or a Switch Pro? Unfortunately, these controllers don't natively connect to the Xbox 360.

Fear not, fellow gamer! There's a solution that lets you bridge the gap between generations. Enter the Brook Wingman XB 2 Converter, a handy device that allows you to use a wide variety of modern controllers on your Xbox 360.

Here's what makes the Wingman XB 2 so awesome:

  • Wireless Freedom: Connect controllers like the Xbox Elite Series 2, PlayStation 5 and 4 DualShocks, and even the Nintendo Switch Pro wirelessly to your Xbox 360. For wired connections, the adapter supports the Xbox Elite Series 1 and 2 controllers, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of options.
  • Turbocharge Your Gameplay: Feeling the need for speed? The Brook Wingman XB2 boasts adjustable Turbo Levels, allowing you to set rapid-fire button presses at 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 clicks per second. This can be a huge advantage in certain games, but be sure to check online communities for any restrictions on competitive play.
  • Button Remapping Made Easy: Don't like the default layout? No problem! The Wingman XB 2 lets you remap buttons to your preferred configuration, giving you complete control over your in-game experience.
  • Lag-Free Performance: Especially for wireless connections, lag can be a dealbreaker. The Wingman XB2 prioritises a smooth and responsive connection, ensuring your commands register instantly. This is particularly beneficial for the Switch Pro controller, which can sometimes experience lag when used wirelessly on other platforms.
  • Universal Compatibility: The Wingman XB 2 goes beyond just the latest controllers. It supports over 125 different modern controllers and arcade sticks, including recent additions like the SEGA Astro City Mini and Mega Drive Mini controllers, PS3/PS4 fight sticks, popular rhythm game controllers like the Hori Taiko Drum for Switch and PS4, and even flight sticks (though these require a specific firmware update).


Getting Started is Easy

To unlock the potential of the Wingman XB 2, follow these simple steps:

  1. Update Your Firmware: Head over to the Brook website and ensure your Brook Wingman XB 2 has the latest firmware for optimal performance.
  2. Connect and Register: Plug your chosen controller into the adapter's USB port, then connect the adapter to your Xbox 360 console. The device will automatically register.
  3. Enjoy! With the adapter set up, you're ready to experience your Xbox 360 games with the controller of your choice. Note: Each Wingman XB 2 can only pair with one controller at a time.

With the Brook Wingman XB 2, you can breathe new life into your Xbox 360 experience. Dust off those classic games and enjoy them with the comfort and features of your favourite modern controller. So, grab your adapter, pick your controller of choice, and get ready to conquer those virtual worlds once again! Now available for only $39.95!


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