How to choose the perfect gaming headset for you

Sound quality is a major factor that affects your gaming experience. Feeling the rumble reverberating in your ears immerses you more into the game. Gaming headsets are designed for all types of consoles and PC. They are intended to shut off external sounds so you can react better to your game, therefore boosting your gameplay. Headsets are also practical when it comes to giving peace and quiet to your family members who are not so fond of hearing the various hubbub and clamor happening in your game.

It is not hard work acquiring a headset for your gaming as countless brands are available in the market. However, many of them aren't as great as they claim. So if ever you decided to spend a fortune for a gaming headset, here are some considerations to look for.


Go for a comfortable headset

Hours of gaming will cause you inconvenience when you are uncomfortable with your headset. So it is important to look for a headset that fits on your head. Make sure that the headband is sturdy but is considerably adjustable and doesn't press on your ears. The type of ear cups should also be compared. A compact gaming headset with round-on ear cups is ideal for gamers with small ears. But if you have a larger head and proud ears, a larger, oval over-ear ear cup is the one for you. The kind of material your ear cups have is also a factor to reckon with. Those made of fabric will be cool on your ears as they breathe better and those made of leather have better isolation and last for a longer time. Headsets with ear cushions made of memory foam are mostly preferred as they shape or conform to your head. 


Wired or wireless

This matter basically goes down to your own preference. If you like to frequently move around while gaming or if you dread a dangling cable, a wireless headset is the one for you. However, most hardcore gamers preferred wired headsets as they have zero latency which allows them to react better in crucial split-second decision situations. Wired headsets are also lighter in weight and are not battery dependent. 


If you prefer a wireless connection, ensure that it runs at least Bluetooth 5.0 to avoid latency. Some models use radio signals as an alternative to Bluetooth technology, so wireless gamers can still enjoy the freedom of being able to move around with a near-zero latency. However, these models are typically costly. 


Mic Design

If you are a homebound gamer, a fixed or a detachable mic is not a major consideration. However, it is suggested that it is easily maneuverable so it can be adjusted according to your preference and for better audio quality. If you are a gamer on the go, you should look for a headset with a detachable microphone for portability. It is also an important consideration to look for a 'boom mic' which resonates and delivers clear sound which is crucial for winning team or multiplayer matches.

Surround Sound

This factor is considered a bonus or a luxury feature which gives gamers a competitive edge. It gives them an advantage as it offers up to 360-degree soundscape with collective speakers covering each ear. They provide an accurate and realistic omnidirectional hearing that if something or someone is coming from behind, you will hear it from that direction.

Gaming headsets are important so you can effectively communicate with your teammates or you can  solely focus on your game without the distraction of external sounds. It is not hard to look for an impressive headset for a decent price. It is just that you should know what your requirements are and do your own research on what brand delivers the best of your preferences. 


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