Gamory's Mother's Day Deals on HIDEit Mounts and Skull & Co. Gaming Accessories

Here is another chance to enjoy big savings! Gamory is once again back with Mother’s Day Special Deals featuring HIDEit Mounts and Skull & Co. Gaming Accessories.

This Mother’s Day, get a 10% discount on ALL HIDEit Mounts and Skull & Co. Gaming Accessories when you use the Promo Code: 10HIDESKULL.

Play comfortably and bring gaming to a new perspective with some of the fantastic deals from HIDEit:


Mounts for Consoles


  • HIDEit 4 PlayStation 4 (PS4) Vertical Wall Mount Bracket (Black, White)


Treat your PlayStation 4 like the piece of art that it is – display your gorgeous PS4 in all its glory by wall mounting it. The HIDEit PS4 wall mount is slim and compact to compliment its stunning design. Available in Black and White, it's the Best-Selling PS4 Mounting Bracket on the market. Stand your PS4 vertical in our mount to improve ventilation, keep it safe from accidents and create your dream gaming setup!

The HIDEit 4P wall mount gives your PS4 Pro an amazing free floating look. HIDEits innovative design uses both the center channel of the PS4 Pro and Sony's own secure mounting mechanism so there is no way for the console to fall or slide out. This is the perfect solution to save space and for a neat looking gaming setup. Get this mounting bracket now for improved ventilation for optimal performance.

The HIDEit PlayStation 5 Mount Pro Bundle comes with 2 mounts for your PlayStation 5 (Disc and Digital) and Controller. With the HIDEit PS5 Mount, you can rest assured your console is safe as it uses Sony's Secure Mounting Mechanism to secure the console to the mount. Just like all other HIDEit Mounts, the HIDEit PS5 Wall Mount allows full access to ports, vents and disc drives. It is made in the USA from heavy gauge, cold-rolled steel for durability and strength you can trust and a powder-coat finish to avoid rust or chip and protect your PS5 from scratches.


  • HIDEit X1S Xbox One S Vertical Wall Mount Bracket (Black, White)


Microsoft pulled out all the stops with the incredibly stylish Xbox One S. The HIDEit Xbox One S wall mount is slim and compact to compliment its stunning design. The HIDEit X1S is a secure wall mount storage solution that will create the illusion that your Xbox One S is floating. With this, you can take advantage of your unused wall space and leave more room for video game storage. This wall mount will also keep your Xbox One S safe from little fingers, big clumsy hands, pets, and worst of all…liquids.

The HIDEit X1X allows you to wall mount, under desk mount, or VESA mount your Xbox One X to HIDEit or DISPLAYit! It has a sleek, form-fitting, flush mount that securely cradles the One X. You can secure your console with the HIDEits tab to prevent sliding and the countersunk holes allow for a flush installation that won't add bulk to your console.Your One X will look cool and stay cool as the design doesn’t block any ports or vents so the heat won’t be trapped.

Create the ultimate gaming setup with the HIDEit Xbox Series S Mount! Our Series S Mount can be wall, under-desk, or VESA mounted, so you can display or HIDE your console for a clean look! Its unique wrap design ensures that your Xbox is secure in the mount while also maintaining maximum airflow. Our Series S Mount has a tab to prevent sliding and the countersunk holes allow for a flush installation that won't add bulk to your game console. So, keep your Xbox safe from accidental damage, save space, and organize your gaming setup with the HIDEit Xbox Series S Mount!

Our Series X Mount can be mounted verticall or horizontally, right or left side of the TV for easy access and a neat setup. The mount’s openings allow easy access to all ports and vents maintaining maximum airflow. Our Series X Mount is made from 12-gauge steel for strength and durability, and a powder coat finish to protect your console from scratches.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch HIDEit mount is precision designed to fit the Nintendo Switch Docking Station and gives the Switch an amazing free floating look! You can still easily access the Switch tablet from the Dock. The dock has no moving parts, doesn't get very warm, and has a small footprint eliminating many of the common concerns with mounting. Easily route cables to the TV for a clean appearance. The HIDEit Switch is a solid piece of steel that you can install with or without a drill – no measuring, no templates. Have your Switch on the wall in minutes!

Controller Mount


With this HIDEit Uni-C Universal Controller Wall Mount, you can mount your favourite controllers conveniently next to your gaming console for easy access and charging. Its hook allows for easy access to your controllers whilst displaying it in a sleek and clean form. They are also quick and easy to install with the drywall screws and anchors already provided.

With this HIDEit Uni-H Universal Headset Wall Mount, you can wall mount anything from your heavy duty VR headset to a simple pair of headphones. No need to buy every mount for each of your headset as it fits nearly every headset model. Easy and quick to install so you can have your headsets on the wall in minutes!

Adjustable Mounts

HIDEit Uni-M Adjustable Medium Device Wall Mount Bracket

Use the HIDEit Uni-M Adjustable Wall Mount to mount a wide range of devices from routers and modems to cable boxes and satellite receivers. Our Uni-M Wall Mount can adjust to fit devices from Verizon, Comcast, DirecTV, Cox and more! This adjustable wall mount can also be used for Medium Audio Video Components such as video game consoles, DVR and NVR and more. Thanks to the sleek design, buttons and ports are easily accessible and most remotes will still work! HIDE your bulky electronic devices behind the TV in minutes with the HIDEit Uni-M Wall Mount!

The HIDEit Uni-L is the space-saving solution you’ve been looking for! With our Uni-L Mount, you can ditch your media cabinet and mount your cable box, satellite receiver, and more behind the TV and out of sight! Because the Uni-L is adjustable, you can fit a wide range of devices, including several from Charter, Comcast, and DirecTV. No need to worry about signal interference, its minimalist design ensures that most remotes will still work! HIDE your devices behind your TV today with the HIDEit Uni-L!

Hold different, play different with these fantastic deals highlighting Skull & Co.


Nintendo Switch

This is the ultimate solution for gamers who prefer Switch in handheld mode. It is a 2-in-1 accessory for your Switch containing an ergonomic grip and a protective case. The 3 pairs of interchangeable grips come with a brand-new design to fit all hand sizes and are made of hard polycarbonate with texture on the surface, which gives players a similar feeling of holding an XB1 or PS4 joy-con.

The GripCase is made of soft TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanes) material. It will not scratch your SWITCH like the hard plastic does. Most importantly, our GripCase is easy to put on and remove, convenient for gamers to take the case off when they intend to switch between different gaming modes.

The hard shell carrying case provides a spacious compartment for game cards, power bank, AC adapter (two pins), and even 3DS LX.


Nintendo Switch OLED

This Neo Grip is designed for both Nintendo Switch OLED and regular model. You can keep the kickstand accessible since it doesn't block card slot, vents, or buttons on the console, or the kickstand on the back of the console. Enjoy interchangeable grips with three different designs to fit all hand sizes. The signature ergonomic design of Neo Grip allows hours of play without fatigue so you can play 24/7. Lastly, it is made of hard polycarbonate for solid protection and to reduce fall impact.


Nintendo Switch Lite

Easily switch between the three pairs of interchangeable grips specifically designed to fit all hand sizes and to provide players with comfortable handling to avoid carpal tunnel. It also has enlarged ZL/ZR triggers which provide better control. Made from soft TPU material, it provides solid protection and makes it easy to fit and remove. A hard shell carrying case also provides a spacious compartment for game cards, power bank, USB cable, earphone, and more.

Replaceable Grip Set

Make your Joy-Cons look and feel better. This is specifically designed for SWITCH Joy-Cons to improve control and protect the original buttons from wear and tear. Protect the original buttons without the need to assemble. Modify the buttons and enjoy different colours inspired by the Animal Crossing for your Joy-Cons.

Enjoy the vibrant colours of this Grip Set combination consisting of 3 pairs of interchangeable grips to fit all hand sizes and provide players with comfortable handling to avoid carpal tunnel. The TriggerGrip provides a stronger grip force designed for players with bigger hands and play hardcore games very often. The grip sets are made of hard polycarbonate with texture on the surface, which gives players a similar feeling of holding a XB1 or PS4 joy-con.

If you are looking for a Grip Set that supports multi-platform, this is what you are looking for. This is designed to fit the PS5 DualSense Controller, PS4 DualShock 4 Controller, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and 8BitDo SN30 Pro Bluetooth Gamepad. The set comes with 3 pairs of thumb grips that have completely different designs to meet every gamer’s needs. Aside from the protection against wear and tear, it also helps increase accuracy through extra height and active radius. Made from a special "grippy" material, it also improves friction and provides more sensitivity to enhance your gaming experience.

This Grip Set allows you to make your own combination that suits your style. The CQC on the left stick and the FPS on the right stick will enhance your control of direction and aiming. You will be surprised how amazing these thumb grips are! It is compatible with Xbox One / Xbox One S / Xbox One X / Xbox Series X controllers, and Xbox Elite controllers. It is made with special "grippy" material which increases friction and provides more sensitivity to enhance your gaming experience.



  • Skull & Co EDC Case for Nintendo SWITCH / Switch OLED Denim

One case, two consoles as it fits both the OLED SWITCH and OG SWITCH. This is a must have when you have a Switch console because of its water-resistant fabric exterior for added protection. It has a very reasonable internal space that fits even if your SWITCH wears a case and thumb grips. The inside has 10 game card slots so you can take your favorite games on the go anywhere, any time. A hand strap is also provided to carry it easily during daily commuting.

Provides ample storage space which can fit SWITCH with the GripCase or NeoGrip and any of the three grip sizes attached. The spacious compartments can also be used to store power bank, AC adapter (two pins), USB cable, earphones, game cards, and even a 3DS XL. The hardshell case provides 360° protection for your Nintendo Switch console and other accessories. The inner mesh pocket with overlap design can also be used to store small items safely. It has a built-in adjustable stand that allows you to charge your Nintendo Switch when playing games in tabletop mode. Moreover, it allows in-case charging of your Nintendo Switch using a 90°USB cable for when you are on the go.

Other Accessories

With this Audio Stick, you can share the fun as it allows you to connect two headphones simultaneously. It has high fidelity low latency codecs to ensure audio sync and enhances gaming performance. Proven to have stable performance so you can enjoy uninterrupted play with your favourite wireless headphones. It also provides a better sound experience than SWITCH's built-in Bluetooth audio. Lastly, it is compatible with the protective case which can fit snugly on SWITCH and SWITCH LITE with/without cases.


For a more comprehensive list of the amazing items that you can choose from, check out HIDEit and Skull & Co. Gaming Collections now!

Don't miss out on this fantastic deal. Buy now and surprise your gamer Mum or gamer wife with these treats. Hurry, as the promo runs from 3/5/2023 to 14/5/2023 only.

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