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Arcade brings back lots of memories for most of us! It takes us back to our childhood when we used to go there on weekends, or maybe some of us had their first date in an arcade! Whatever memory it gives, isn't it something that gives us genuine joys.

Now that this pandemic has taken its toll on us, why don't we fight (pun intended) back with this super unique Brook Fighter Ball.

BROOK Fighter Ball Top Handle Rosewood or Beechwood 35mm Joystick Tops

Every Brook Fighter Ball is made with different wood that's why it is unique and one in the whole world! It has 2 variations, Rosewood and Beechwood. It is made with top grade wood and coating so sweat will not encourage mold build up and gives the best fit for your hands all the time!

No matter if you place this on your arcade board or whether you just put it on your display case, this will not let you down with its exquisite design.

Brook offers luxury for customization! You can adjust as needed!

BROOK Fighter Ball Top Handle Rosewood or Beechwood 35mm Joystick Tops

Pair your Brook Fighter Ball with one of our best sellers, Brook Fighting Board Cable! It supports 20-pin header design. Keep your board organized with this buddy and say goodbye to individual wires! The connectors compact with most Sanwa Denhi, Seimitsu, or GamerFinger pushbutton.

Or are you a hitboard user? Of course we did not forget about you! We also have the Brook Hitbox Cable.

Brook Fighting Board Cable Pack
Brook Hitbox Cable

With the Brooks Fighting series, you don't need to worry so much because it is plug and play.

We provide next business day dispatch. Items are safely packed and fully insured. Click here for more of Gamory's latest offers!

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