Australia-Made Video Games to Look Out For this Second Half of 2022

Half the year has already gone, and yet there are still a lot of video games to await. And yes, coming from our very own Aussie game developers and designers.

Check this list and have a heads up on their release dates and compatible consoles to play them with.


1. Wayward Strand (Xbox Series, Xbox One, Switch, PS5, PS4, PC)

Release Date: 15 September 2022

During her stay in an airborne hospital where her mother works, Casey Beaumaris, a young aspiring journalist, has learned about stories of over a dozen characters. There  she encountered life stories of elderly patients as she spend time with them each passing day. 

In the world of Wayward Strand, you can follow any character in real time and have a conversation with them. Spending time with particular characters opens up new storylines, locations, revelations and resolutions, both heartbreaking and beautiful.


2. Airoheart (XSX, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch)

Release Date: 30 September 2022

This pixel art adventure game starts in the land of Engard, where Airoheart embarks on his grand quest in stopping his brother from unleashing an ancient evil and to conquer corruption that threatens to spread in his land.

Journey the adventure as Airoheart and vanquish every dungeon and boss that comes your way.


3. Lucen (PC)

Release Date: 2022

After a dark force has mysteriously enveloped his town, leaving every villager succumbed to adamant sleep, Lucen is set to take on a quest to find answer and solution to rescue his homeland. The quest includes defeating different beasts in the wild until he is able to ask help from the mythical old Gods which were foretold by his ancestors. 


4. Broken Roads (Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Release Date: 2022

Set in a future barren land of Australia, characters measured by their life choices struggle for survival. They make their way through the countryside with possibilities of hidden dangers and difficulties. With each impediment, morals will play a big role on how the story will unfold. This is a journey of the unknown that awaits at the end of the broken roads.


5. Conscript (PS5, Xbox Series, PC)

Release Date: 2022

This World War I inspired game revolves around a French soldier searching for his missing-in-action brother after the Battle of Verdun. You will find yourself in extreme situations that will require your survival skills. This pixel-graphic horror game will definitely get your instincts activated with its realistic art and style.

Are you excited to get a hold of them too? Get them now on your wish list and get back to us if they are indeed worth waiting for.

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