5 Types of Video Gamers Today

Gamers these days come in all ages, colors, genders and sizes. However, video gamers are often categorized to a single cluster and commonly described to be those who love to play games.  Most people play video games for fun, and that is a clear line that distinguishes a video game fan and a gamer. Moreover, gamers are even classified into different categories based on their perspective in playing games. The degree of difficulty of the games they play, the time they spend playing, and their ability and mastery of the game are just a few components that tell different kinds of gamers apart. 

The following are 5 of the most common types of gamers that you might encounter in your experience of playing video games. You might even see one that fits your gaming techniques and styles. 


A "newbie" player who is inexperienced or is still learning the systems and mechanics of the world of video games. Backseat gamers are also considered in this nomenclature who are known to be not particularly good players that refuse to take the controller but instead do the shouting and criticisms in the audience. Or if ever they join the game, they are more of a distraction by asking questions about the gameplay, the characters, the mission and so on. The term noob is also used to describe players who are unable to improve over time or those that contribute chaos rather than achieving the goal.

Casual Gamer

They are the occasional players and are those considered to be the vast majority of gamers. They have a preference for simple, laid-back and uncomplicated video gaming.  The main goal of these gamers is to blow off some steam, avoid boredom or just to kill time which they can engage in their alone time or with the company of others. Social gamers could be considered in this cluster who play games more for the fun experience while socializing with other players. While they enjoy playing games, they mainly do it for the social interaction that they provide. This gamer is happy to collaborate or join forces with gamers to achieve bigger goals.



This gamer is the one that loves to explore and discover secrets and solve mysteries. They enjoy games that bring out their competitiveness and work out their brains. They are fine with repetitive endeavors and trying out countless logical approaches as long as they survive and finish the level to unlock new game dimensions. For them, what matters most is the discovery while solving the puzzle. Explorers or puzzle gamers find satisfaction with complex and difficult mysteries as these are moments that they compete against themselves and prove their supreme puzzle solving abilities.

Fantasy Gamer

Fantasy gamer's main purpose in playing games is to escape reality even just for a while. It is fun and rewarding for them to be able to create a new and ideal world wherein they can have a life based on their own choices, a life that they can control and change whenever they want. In this way, they feel different about themselves being able to do things that they can't in reality. Fantasy gamers love to create virtual characters of various classes, races, languages and appearances, wherein  their decision making capability are also measured. All in all, fantasy gamers are those that would like to escape the daily struggles of the real world and comfort themselves with their best version in virtual reality.  

Hardcore Gamer

These are gamers who devote a lot of effort, interest and time playing video games that they often avoid social contact and immerse themselves in the game by being holed up in their rooms. They basically plan their entire lives around gaming that they spend a great amount of time and resources to master games of great difficulty and develop their ability. Hardcore gamers like to collect badges and take pride in their gaming achievements. They play hard so they can share their success to their friends and flaunt how far they have progressed and improved their playing skills. They play with only a single goal in mind and that is to win. With this, they are often involved in gaming communities and competitions to gather more information about the games of their interest to keep them updated and to improve their mastery. 

Have you found the type of gamer that describes you best? What appeals to you the most? Don't trouble yourself if you can't decide what type of gamer you are, most of us fit to two or more!

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